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Mount Maunganui Holiday Homes - Point Of Distinction

There's no hit and miss with Mount Maunganui Holiday Homes (MMHH). You'll find a wide range of properties to suit all budgets but regardless of the property you choose or the price you pay you'll receive the same MMHH quality - a meticulous standard of cleanliness and attention to detail, 5-star accommodation presentation and genuine one-to-one customer care. 

Every MMHH home is cleaned, styled and managed by the specialist team at Home-Work - Holiday Home Management Specialists. Home-Work's impeccably high standards have been based on years of experience servicing 5-star luxury accommodation to guests in the North-American luxury motor-yacht industry.

The Guest Experience

Mount Maunganui Holiday Homes and its parent company, Home-Work, are very clear about their mission:

We strive to exceed guest expectations by maintaining impeccable standards of cleanliness and presentation, and delivering personalised, approachable care. Through our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we aim to reflect our guests’ value with superior holiday home service and a first rate guest experience.

Mount Maunganui Holiday Homes - Our Team

Owner of Mount Maunganui Holiday Homes and Airbnb Superhost, Mel Duval-Smith, is 100% hands-on; managing and overseeing all properties personally, in conjunction with the indispensable assistance and collaboration from their tight-knit and highly professional team. 

Additionally, MMHH’s core crew includes a full-time maintenance man with 30 years of building experience who preserves the functionality of all their homes to their highest standard, and two dedicated detail specialists trained in the art of high-end hospitality presentation and holiday changeovers.

Working as one, the team shares an industrious and problem-solving mentality and a rare communal culture of never settling for less than their best.